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Here is the academic agenda for 2023.

The individual events can be seen also on the agenda page with the links to each event for the latest info and changes concerning the event.

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SLMS shows solidarity with Ukraine



Publication of the 2022 Prohibited List

By far the biggest change is - as expected - the prohibition of all injections of glucocorticoids within competitions. Explanations can be found in the attached Summary of Major Modifications and Explanatory Notes.  In addition, WADA announced that in October/November this year it will publish supplementary documents on the handling of glucocorticoids in TUE applications (TUE Physician Guidelines for TUE Committees on the evaluation of glucocorticoids in various diseases, checklists for various diseases treated with glucocorticoids, general document on glucocorticoids and TUEs, factsheet for physicians* on glucocorticoids, etc.). 
Other changes to the Prohibited List for next year are more formal or have practically no impact on medical treatments - e.g. the inclusion of more examples of prohibited substances in some substance classes (S0., S1., S2., S6). 


Prohibited List 2022:

Summary of major changes:

Monitoring List 2021:


Conference: Management of Post-Covid-19 patients

This conference / webinar was held on Wednesday March 3, 2021 at the Center Hospitalier de Luxembourg (in french).

Resuming sport after COVID-19 - Dr Urhausen - Sports Medicine

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