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Conference: Management of Post-Covid-19 patients

This conference / webinar was held on Wednesday March 3, 2021 at the Center Hospitalier de Luxembourg (in french).

Resuming sport after COVID-19 - Dr Urhausen - Sports Medicine


JAMA Cardiology publication on Covid-19 and the athletic heart

Coronavirus Disease 2019 and the Athletic Heart
Emerging Perspectives on Pathology, Risks, and Return to Play

Cardiac injury with attendant negative prognostic implications is common among patients hospitalized with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection. Whether cardiac injury, includingmyocarditis, also occurs with asymptomatic or mild-severity COVID-19 infection is uncertain. There is an ongoing concern about COVID-19–associated cardiac pathology among athletes becausemyocarditis is an important cause of sudden cardiac death during exercise.


BJMS - Consensus sur les guidelines pour assurer la santé et le bien-être des athlètes lors des grands événements sportifs

All sport events have inherent injury and illness risks for participants. Healthcare services for sport events should be planned and delivered to mitigate these risks which is the ethical responsibility of all sport event organisers. The objective of this paper was to develop consensus-driven guidelines describing the basic standards of services necessary to protect athlete health and safety during large sporting events.


Here is the academic agenda for 2021.

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