SLMS - Who we are


1951 was the year of the founding of the Luxembourg Society of Sports Medicine. 31.5.1951 can be remembered as the date of birth of our company with the official publication of the statutes at the memorial. The aim of this association was "to contribute to the progress of physical culture and the medical sciences through the scientific study of gymnastics, physical exercises, games and sports in particular and to defend the professional interests of its members. "

The current committee


- Teacher. Axel Urhausen


Vice President:

- Dr. Christian Nührenbörger



- Dr. José Azzolin



- Dr. Annik Bradtké-Von Roesgen


Other committee members:

- Dr. Dominik Doerr

- Dr. Mariette Hames

- Dr. Elisabeth Hoffmann

- Dr. Jean-Claude Leners

- Teacher. Romain Seil

Statutes / Code of ethics


Code of ethics:

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