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Prevention for winter sports

Winter sports are very popular, but unfortunately they also carry a high risk of injury. These are generally due to a lack of training and can easily be avoided by good physical preparation.


That's why the CMCM, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Romain Seil and various sports experts, has developed a training plan to help you prepare optimally for the winter holidays.


So you can look forward to your winter holidays with peace of mind, knowing that you're better prepared.

The CMMC would like to thank Anne Frisch (physiotherapist CHL, PhD, SLKS member) and Geoffrey Osch (physiotherapist CHL, Msc, SLKS and FLS member), our cooperation partner: CHL Eich (Center Hospitalier de Luxembourg) and SLKS.

And also its secondary partners: CMOL, LIHPS, MSGOM, LIROMS, SLMS, ReFORM and the French Ministry of Sport.

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